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Information on Surrounding Area

Walking around the center of Tokyo

Tokyo Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park, Tokyo Tower and Ginza area are within walking distance, and if you do your best you can also walk to Tsukiji

The picture of the Tokyo Imperial Palace is a distance that I left the hotel and walked for about 20 minutes along the main street on the left. There is no turning in the middle, so do not worry about getting lost.As you walk straight ahead, there is a nature rich Hibiya Park Hibiya Park, past the Hibiya Park you will see the moat of the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
It is a good course to jog.

Climbing mountains on a healthy first day

Leave the hotel and go straight to the right and you will see the Tokyo Tower.
Turn right at the center of Shiba Park as you climb the little hill according to the signs, arrive at Tokyo Tower.
If you enjoyed the suit, buy a souvenir or go up to the observation deck.
When you have fully enjoyed Tokyo Tower, go straight back to Sakurada-dori Avenue without returning to Hibiya Street. Climb the stone steps at Ehime Atago Jinja, where you will benefit from the advancement, and come for the future.
Atago Jinja was the Heikuro Magaki Shikoku Marugame Domain, who climbed down the steep stone steps in the Iemitsu Tokugawa era, was so interested in Iemitsu he would not be able to succeed in the future. It is famous.
Dinner at Toranomon Hills after worshiping.From there we get to the hotel in 5 minutes on foot.
  • Hibiya area

    • Leave the hotel and go straight to the left, arrive in Hibiya Park in about 10 minutes

      Hibiya area

      Hibiya Park center of Tokyo is a park that boasts the largest area in Tokyo, which opened in 1868, in Tokyo.
      A place in Hibiya Park is a place where it was a residence of Daimyo in the Edo (time period).
      Also known as an urban oasis, the biggest symbol of Hikiya Park "large fountain" is running every day from 8 am to 9 pm.
      In the autumn, you can enjoy walking the beautiful ginkgo bunches.
    • Bistro Perche[Hibiya City Hotel, 4 front Front desk front]

      For lunch, a healthy salad buffet lunch and dinner, we have about 30 kinds of wines and we offer tapas and course meals suitable for wine.Counter seats are also available so you can relax and eat alone.All of our staff will be waiting for your coming.
      ※Lunch and dinner will only be open on weekdays
  • Ueno area

    • Ueno Park, Season of cherry blossoms

      In spring, there are Ueno Park, which is a Ueno Park place for cherry blossoms, and Ameyoko shopping street, where traditional grocery shopping streets line up.
      Another tourist attraction is Kaminarimon and Asakusa Temple.
      It is one of tourism to walk in the precincts of the premises where the opening of shops reminiscent of Showa 's Japan.
  • Ginza area

    • Dusk of Ginza

      Ginza area

      The most fashionable city in Tokyo, Ginza.
      It is the best area for shopping and eating delicious food.
      It is a city where you can fully enjoy luxury brands and the latest fashion etc just by window shopping.
      There are also Cinema and others.
  • Tokyo Tower-

    15 minutes walk from the hotel
    • Sky Tree-also good, but after all the origin is Tokyo Tawa-

      After leaving the hotel and straight to the right, when Tokyo Tower is visible on your right you arrive when you turn right twice according to the sign.
      The climb is quite tight as it is on a small hill, but the exhilaration feeling at the time of arrival and the brave appearance of the magnificent Tokyo Tower front of my eyes forget the tiredness.