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  • In order to spend a pleasant time at our hotel,

    We prepare spacious guest rooms respectively.

    From a single tailored to guests only for a business trip,

    There are rooms up to twin which can stay with friends etc.

    The size of the room is different in each room, so please confirm at the time of reservation.

Free wireless LAN / Wi-Fi in all rooms (wired LAN can also be used)

  • You can use Wi-Fi in your room with smartphone, tablet PC, laptop.
    Connection by connecting the cable to the personal computer is also possible.
    It is safe to use it on business trip etc.
    ※LAN cable is also available for free.Please inquire at the reception.
    ※PC rental service has ended. Please prepare your personal computer.

Air purifier with humidification function available

  • We are preparing air purifiers that can be used depending on the season, such as pollen season and drying in winter.
    If you wish, please contact the front desk staff.

Breakfast is Japanese style buffet style

  • We prepare Japanese and Western buffet style breakfast at "Bistro · Perche" before front desk.

Made-to-order bathroom

  • In a custom-made bathroom using a large bathtub or a shower booth with a multifunctional shower panel,
    You can get tired of the day firmly.
    (Single A type only with unit bus specification)

We offer laundry service on the day

  • If you bring your reception to the reception by 9 o'clock in the morning, it will be finished at 5 o'clock in the evening of the day.
    After 9 a.m., the finish will be at 5 p.m. the next day.
    Cleaning and pressing of suit, dress, shirt, tie etc are accepted.
    ※We are closed on Sundays and national holidays.


  • In order to have a comfortable time, we have introduced security such as auto lock.
    ※Regarding the management of valuables, we ask you in principle.
    ※There is no safety box, but a key for the desk drawer is available. Please ask the front desk if you wish.

Massage service available

  • We offer a massage service in the room.
    If you wish to have a massage, please apply to reception.Reception hours are until 10 PM.
    ※Payment in cash is required.

Non smoking floor is equipped

  • The hotel offers non-smoking floors.
    ※If you wish, please contact us at the time of reservation.